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ACTPRO-IOM ACT 8 input/8 output module

ACTPRO-IOM ACT 8 input/8 output module

  • £259.00

Product Overview

The ACTpro Input Output Module (ACTpro IOM) is an 8 Input and 8 Output device that allows an ACT controller to be used in applications where signalling to other equipment is required. Examples of this are elevator control, alarm systems, CCTV switching applications, I/O Mapping etc.

Key Features

�8 programmable input / output device 
�max of 4 to each ACTpro 2000 / 3000 door controller 
�8 form C 5 Amp relays 
�8 supervised inputs 
�tamper protection & 2 status LEDs 
�output switched on/off by log, event, input, timezone 
�ACTWin pro support 
�use for elevator control. CCTV switches, alarm integration

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