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ACTPRO200 ACT two door expander

ACTPRO200 ACT two door expander

  • £550.00

Product Overview

The ACTpro 200 is a two door expander for the ACTpro 2000 and ACTpro 3000 controllers, complete with built-in, monitored 3 Amp power supply. The power supply supports two doors, each with its own fuse and battery support. On-board LEDs are provided for fault indication and faults are reported to the controller and PC. An 18swg mild steel cabinet provides ample room for wiring and batteries, and the lid will accommodate up to 2 ACTpro 101 or 102�s.

Key Features

� two door station / expander
� controls 2 doors
� built-in 3 amp monitored PSU
� battery deep-discharge protection
� fuse blown LED indication
� 18 swg mild steel cabinet
� mains fault indication
� supports 2 x 7AHr batteries
� accommodates 2 x ACTpro 101 / 102�s 
� mounting points for ACTpro 101 / 102 on lid
� supports entry / exit readers
� 2 x 1.25 Amp Volts regulated power supply outputs
� alarms are monitored via ACTpro door controller & ACTWin software
� each door has a 5amp, 30 volt DC lock relay and a 1amp, 24 volt DC alarm relay

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