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RISCO Detector kit with DC, 2-way PIR & PIR Camera

RISCO Detector kit with DC, 2-way PIR & PIR Camera

  • £169.86

Detector kit with DC, 2-way PIR & PIR Camera

Please note that this kit can only be purchased in conjuction with an Agility 3 panel and keypad kit, on a one to one basis.
Orders placed that do not include the panel and keypad kit will be rejected and any money paid will be refunded.
Dont forget to order your SOUNDER. 

  This kit includes:

Item Number Description Quantity
RWX95CM800AC 2-way Eyewave wireless PIR with camera 1
RWX95086800C iWAVE wireless 2-way PIR - 868MHz 1
RWT72I86800E Wireless door contact - 868MHz 1
eyewave Wireless PIR Camera
- PIR coverage 12m wide angle
- QVGA/VGA camera field-of-view
- Discreet IR flash allows °resolution, 85 imaging in complete darkness, up to 10m
- Sequence of images upon event, configurable number and fps
- During unset, events are ignored to save battery and for privacy
- Dual Core with two RF channels: One for control, second channel for image transmission
- Includes 2 long-life 3V lithium batteries

Wireless iWAVE PIR
- Coverage 15m (50?) wide-angle
- Intelligent Digital Signal Processing
- Simple bracket installation, wall corner tamper
- Includes long-life 3V lithium batteries
-2-Way wireless model for Agility provides remote parameter settings & diagnostics
- Pet friendly model available with 12m wide angle coverage
- Pet friendly up to 36kg with Variable Pet Threshold (VPT)

Door/Window Magnetic Contacts
- Includes input allowing wireless operation of a wired contact detector
- Defeats large magnets by signaling tamper
- Cover and wall tamper protection
- Includes long-life 3V lithium battery

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