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21086 Pac stanley proximity token - purple

21086 Pac stanley proximity token - purple

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Product Overview

Designed to work with the Oneprox reader range, Stanley (153KHz) Tokens require no batteries or physical contact with the reader. Together with PAC's access control systems, a user's movements can be monitored and a building protected.
Stanley Tokens are ergonomically designed and available in seven distinctive colours for easy identification or personal preference. The new shape tokens are fully interchangeable with our existing token range, and are compatible with PAC Easikey, PAC Oneprox and PAC readers. Easy to attach to a key ring, badge clip or badge holder and built to withstand harsh operating environments PAC tokens are ideally suited for any location where photo IDs are not required. Stanley Tokens are also fully interchangeable with our existing PAC token range. Stanley tokens can be programmed into any of PAC�s residential or commercial access control systems to monitor a user�s movement and protect the building. The token need only be held near a PAC door reader for the code to be read (access will be granted or denied within 0.5 of a second) and can easily be deleted from the system if lost or stolen.

Key Features

� Uses PAC (153KHz) proximity technology
� Easy to use, non contact proximity door reader technology
� Each token has a unique ID code
� Fits easily onto a keyring
� Durable and robust

Important Information

� H: 60 x W: 33 x D: 6mm

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