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DD475UK GE Security DT c/w 9 Curtains x 16m

DD475UK GE Security DT c/w 9 Curtains x 16m

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Product Overview

The DD 400 Series is a powerfull range of commercial dual technology detectors, with variants stretching from 12 m up to 20 m volumetric coverage. Packed with the usual Aritech features such as Gliding Focus Curtains, range control, sealed optics, 4D processing, etc., the DD 400 provides a quick solution to previously problem environments.

Key Features

* PIR verified by microwave module
* "Step & Gliding Focus Multi Cutain" mirror optic
* Sealed optics
* ASIC with "4D" processing
* Distance of Motion microwave signal processing
* Selectable range with full undercrawl detection
* No adjustment required for different mounting heights
* Tolerates wall angle deviation
* Complies with EN50131-2-2
* Several European approvals

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