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EUROENF/KIT1 Kit Wireless Euro Hybrid Kit 1

EUROENF/KIT1 Kit Wireless Euro Hybrid Kit 1

  • £270.00

The EUROENF/KIT1 includes a EURO ZEM32-WE, allowing you to connect the Enforcer wireless range to your EURO wired control panels, with three wireless digital quad detectors and a mini magnetic contact.

The wireless input expander EURO-ZEM32-WE included in this security alarm expansion kit provides 32 wireless zones to your euro panels. 1 can be added to the EURO-46 security control panel, however if you require further flexibility you can add up to 3 input expanders to the EURO-162 providing you with up to 96 wireless zones.

- Hybrid Security Alarm Expansion Kit
- Includes: 32zone expander for castle panel (EURO-ZEM32-WE), 3 x Enforcer Quad PIR (KX12DQ-WE) and a enforcer Door contact (MC1MINI-WE)
- 2 Year Warranty

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