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GJD910 GJD DygiZone,4 zone lighting control

GJD910 GJD DygiZone,4 zone lighting control

  • £99.95

Product Overview

A 4 zone low voltage lighting control/enunciator which works in conjunction with the Solitaire 2 zone expansion unit and the 4 zone expansion unit. Additional controllers can be added to the system to give control points in more than one location

Key Features

�For indoor use only
�4 zone low voltage lighting controller
�Controls up to 30,000w of lighting over the 4 zones
�Works in conjunction with both the 2 zone and 4 zone expansion units
�4 individual zone timers
�Choice of 4 recordable voice messages on each zone or an audiable beep
�Suitable for both domestic and commerical properties

Important Information

Requires GJD040 which can take up to 4 x GJD910

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