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Risco WatchOUT high lens Kit KITWATCHOUTHI

Risco WatchOUT high lens Kit KITWATCHOUTHI

  • £138.62

Product Description:

Wireless WatchOut, swivel bracket & high lens

Product Details:

The Wireless WatchOUT provides outdoor protection and has the following features:

* Reliable wireless detection for outdoor areas 
* Two detection areas for superior stability
* Adjustable wide angle coverage up to 12m (40')
* Optional 23m (75') long-range lens 
* Pet friendly up to 45kg (100lb) 
* Protective hood and IP65 environmental rating


This kit includes:

Item Number Description Quantity
RL312HIA WatchOUT high install lens for PIR 1
RA300S00000A WatchOUT swivel bracket 1
RWT312PR800C Wireless WatchOut PIR 1

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