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Fike Twinflex Pro Fire Alarm Panel - 8 ZONE - 505 0008

Fike Twinflex Pro Fire Alarm Panel - 8 ZONE - 505 0008

  • £375.00

The Fike Twinflex Pro 8 zone fire alarm panel is a 2-wire or bi-wire panel using conventional cabling format (radial per zone where all device can be instaled on the same cable so no need for separate sounder circuits). Capable of running up to 32 devices per zonel, devices communicating with the panel do so via the Twinflex data protocol. This intelligent 2-wire control panel provides 2, 4 or 8 circuits (or zones) capable of holding up to 32 devices each. Recognising the difference between manual call points and smoke detectors, the Twinflex Pro system control panel also monitors each fire zone for detector head removal, faults with devices, open or short circuits and end-of-line faults. It also has two monitored outputs that can be configured as sounder circuits. The attractive panel, with LCD display and keypad for quick configuration, has an integral battery powered power supply unit that can provide up to 72 hours standby time in the event of mains power failure. It also has an event log which can hold up to 500 events, a day/night mode and alarm confirmation mode. This control panel is only compatible with Twinflex devices and requires one 2-core screened cable for each zone.

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